Phong Nha Ke Bang Travel – What To Eat?

Quang Binh, is not only a central strip of the famous national park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site , along the beautiful coast of the story kept proud history of the nation . It also contains the name of a region in its many specialty flavors characteristic causes people to linger here forever just never came about.

For those who have not heard of Quang Binh province, you might want to book a tour here as there are magnificent caves, beautiful Nhat Le Beach and lots of delicious dishes in which it will make your trip be unforgettable.

Quang Binh in her epic songs of this heroic period of peace and simplicity with amazing scenery and delicious food specialties , unforgettable .

In this article, we hope that our can be well introduced and inspire for your future visit.

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Porridge soup (Chao Banh Canh)

Not cooked as porridge , the main ingredients are noodles made ​​from rice flour but the Quang Binh has called this dish is porridge soup. Porridge soup is one of the specialties of Quang Binh and Hanoi pho or bun bo Hue .

Porridge Soup - Chao Banh Canh

Porridge Soup – Chao Banh Canh

Someone called porridge bread soup or bread soup Quang Binh by its component fibers such as rice cake. Simple and not elaborate , extensive fiber wheels are handmade , from kneading, rolling , cutting it pretty thin , thick , hard . Add broth thick with a combination of fish , shrimp , pork … When serving guests, soup broth is sprinkled onions, sliced ​​aromatic cilantro . Broth soup served with shredded green cabbage feels fleshy fleshy , pungent spicy to enjoy. In particular , some people also ate porridge soup with spring rolls for the more exotic .

The filter cake (Banh Bot Loc)

Shrimp and Pork Clear Dumplings is one of Best Vietnamese Food in this province. It came from Hue city. However, it becomes more popular now.

This cake is covered in banana leaves. It stuffing is shrimps and braised pork. Using with chili sauce will bring a stunning flavour in your mouth.

The ingredients are very simple included: cassava powder, river shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and some spices only from the local garden which is why its flavour is different from others


Ke BangPhong Nhaphong nha - ke bang

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