Sand Skiing In Quang Binh

The vast white sand dunes which we refer to is located in Quang Phu commune, the center of Dong Hoi city about 8km, bordering commune Nhan Trach, Bo Trach district, a land of rich culture Sea fishermen village.

Sand Skiing In Quang Binh

Sand Skiing In Quang Binh

Sand skiing, an interesting travel experiences in Quang Binh Not only own a beautiful cave system magnificent, Quang Binh has many beautiful beaches and white sand dunes immense.

New games attract more tourists

Unlike the dunes in Phan Thiet and some areas of Quang Binh dunes converge many unique elements to make an ideal tourist landscape. White sand dunes with crystal shine sunny sandy grassland stretching coast to watch green, clean has never affected the landscape and environment. Sand hills with elevations reasonable to design the adventure game. One is walking on the sand, conquer challenges and sand would be an impressive holiday for those who join the tour experience Quang Binh sand.

Besides sliding sand game, if travelers want to learn more about the culture of the sea, the village people can find on Human Trach commune (a sand hill 5km) to explore. Here, visitors will get to visit the village, learn about the customs of the sea as villagers dancing for fishermen, rowing dry season, the procession Fishman … Special guests also enjoy the delicious typical products of coastal villages such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, dried fish, dried squid …

Sand Skiing In Quang Binh

Sand Skiing In Quang Binh

With compelling experiences that many travel companies tourism in the province is taking the game slip sand, sea village to visit … to test his tour and is attracting many visitors registered participants. A tourist from Canada said: “I feel very interesting, fun and exciting to experience games in Quang Binh sliding sand. Quang Binh is the land of many sea, sandy so I think that if exploited this activity is very great “.

Slide sectioning enjoyable experience in Quang Binh

With such advantages, recently Quang Binh has promoted development of marine tourism with many new products, including sliding sand game is attracting many tourists to participate.

Go to Quang Phu sand hills, guests can begin the conquest of the sand dunes near the 100m elevation. On the journey to conquer, visitors will see the majestic, immense world of sand and wild beauty of its charm with the sand so be transformed daily, hour by sea breezes blowing adventure Bong day and night …

More particularly, where guests will be entertained with thrilling games very interesting is sliding sand. With simple skateboard type spathe, hard paper … will give visitors a sense of relaxation completely new. Game suitable for everyone, as a sports program for relaxing weekend with family, friends, agencies, associations …

Quang BinhSand SkiingSand Skiing In Quang Binh

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