Adventure 7000m Paradise Cave Tour

Active explorer Paradise Cave 7,000m depth. Active explorer Paradise 7,000m depth, suitable for enthusiasts who conquer nature, love to explore, sports, adventure and above all the feeling to find yourself again.


Travelers start the system from the end of the wooden staircase and the destination is “giếng trời” of Thien Duong cave. Join the journey, travelers used flashlights to walk the entire length 7,000m to admire the beauty manifold, full of novelties of system dynamic stalactite Thien Duong cave.

Note: In the rainy season from September 15 to March 20 (next year) due to weather, this program will be shortened to 4000M, the tour price for this program will be 70 USD/ person

Adventure 7000m Paradise Cave Tour
Tour Price in USD per person
88 USD44 USD
Child: 1,1m - 1,3m; Child below 1,1m free; From 1.3m upwards surcharge as adults
Group of 5 or more guests: please contact "" for better price.
Itinerary & Descriptions
Operate day: Daily
07:30Car and guide pick travelers up at the rendezvous . Departure to ecotourism destinations Thien Duong cave .
08:30Journey from the Ho Chi Minh Road West Branch , across the jungle canopy leaves overwhelmed , travelers will reach Thien Duong cave , the longest dry cave in Asia has been the British Royal explorers discovered in 2005 was one of the wonders of the magnificent and most fanciful world with her stunning beauty should be dubbed "underground palace"
09:00Travelers will travel by tram about 2km, crept under the trees forest Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Over more  500 stone steps winding under the mountains, will take travelers up to the door of cave, rest and prepare equipments (clothing, thick, flashlights, life jackets) for the journey to discover Thien Duong cave.
09:30Move in the system  wooden stairs to visit the first 1 km of Thien Duong cave. along the wodden corridor been layout the spacious resting position and reasonable lighting systems, you can unleash see and admire the magnificent beauty and magnificent stalactites system in here ...

Ending the journey  1 km  first along the wooden stairs. Followed by the tour guide, guided enthusiastic, experienced,  travelers will continue exploring Thien Duong cave 7000m length by personal flashlights.

About The first 500m, tube-shaped cave, The highest place over 80 meters high, The widest place is about 120 meters wide. Sometimes,  you can see  stalactites tall sparkling like diamonds. The emulsions column have pure white like mable.  Travelers  have the opportunity to research the life of many species such as fish, Spiders and crickets ... visit the Bat Cave where hundreds of bats from the ceiling swung his stick up in the first 3.5 km. From Bat cave, about  200 meters way is the junction of two streams dry, cool breeze blowing through from under the cool streams. Stop at the first 4000m, travelers choose for themselves the beautiful location and take pictures, store those exciting moments.


The travelers rowing Kayak across streams. this is really interesting and attractive sport game throughout the journey. The cave ceiling flat like have the hand of human impact. when come the streams, it's as low as gradually. Travelers  must bend down to can go out the marina. threaded through 100 meters above the stream, there are places you have to sprawled down  boat to does not touch the cave ceiling.

Leaving small stream, next trip, you have the opportunity to try your own courage to overcome the steep path, the rugged along dry stream bed, in close proximity to maze place.

After more than one hour, you come to "Giếng Trời", from the far side, the streams murmur sounds like a really mellow instrumental music. When the destination is only about 50 meters. A highlight cross from the mountain summit down to the floor cave like the halo ò the universe.  scenery here, no place can compared. Standing before of “Giếng Trời” of  cave – where Thien Duong cave communication with the outside world through the vent on the cave ceiling.

According to the opinion of the Orient , this is the harmony between heaven and earth to make all things of the universe to proliferate . Nature is so close but always contain a mystery that is equally exciting!

Tralelers can enjoy theirself in the blue water , cool or satisfied to discover , watch the fish are swimming in the magnificent underground stream that runs through the air shaft.

12:00Enjoy lunch beside the underground stream, visitors can rest, take photos and prepare the journey back old.
17:00Pick up your original starting point, On behalf of  Phong Nha Explorer Company, ending the program and see you again.

Package Day Tour Included:

  • Pick-up and return transfers in Dong Hoi City
    • Toyota Innova 7 seater or Mercedes Sprinter 16 seater car, air conditioner.
  • Vietnamese and English speaking tour guide (In Paradise Cave)
  • One lunch(Vietnamese dishes style).
  • Tickets to:
    • Ticket Paradise Cave.
    • Golf Cart (Electrical car) two-way.
  • Mineral water: 02 bottle/ 1 day.
  • Wet tissue: 02 wet towel /1 day.
  • Travel Insurance, maximum compensation: 900usd / 1 people/ incidents.
  • Service Charge

Children tour price:

  • Children under 1.4m: unauthorized.
  • Children up to 1.4m: 100% tour price.

Tour exclusion:

  • Invoice VAT
  • Other fees out of programme

What to bring:

  • Towel
  • 01 swimsuit if you have needs.
  • Personal Backpacks.
  • Camera.
  • Backup charger for mobile devices, if any.
  • Waterproof bag for smartphones.


  • Pregnant women over 3 months: Will not be allowed for your safety.


Add: 41 Hai Ba Trung Street, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province.

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